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Post-construction cleaning

This type of service covers :
  • Walls are clean and are free from marks, dirt, and smudges 
  • Power washing and cleaning of windows and frames 
  • Plastic/sticker removal from furniture, windows, and doors
  • Dusting, wet and dry, of ceilings, lights, fans, heaters 
  • Floors, that are free from debris, especially on edges and corners, are clean and polished 
  • Vacuum cleaning 
  • Trim cleaning
  • Threshold cleaning
  • Cleaning of all appliances, cabinets, and shelves from inside and out 
  • Proper disposal of trash and debris 
  • Addressing of any safety issues, loose wires, and leaks, to the construction contractors 
  • Detailed checking, for the last time, of all the space, corners and inner surfaces once the cleaning is completely done 

We have 3 phases of post-construction cleaning:
PHASE 1: Rough cleaning Removal of large items is the first and foremost step in this phase; items such as debris, trash, leftover materials and other items that cannot be vacuumed. General sweeping or vacuuming will then follow. Removal, but not the cleaning, of stickers from doors and windows, are also included in this phase.
PHASE 2 : Progressive Cleaning This phase is considered to have the most work and requires a lot of cleaning equipment and tools. Rooms like restrooms and kitchens, those that serve a unique purpose, are being paid attention to. Sinks, toilets, windows, cabinets are just some of the installed items that are being thoroughly cleaned on this phase. This phase is one of the reasons why clients hire a professional cleaning service.
PHASE 3 : Final cleaning For the reason that dust and dirt may still settle; with this, the cleaning crew will still have time to pay more attention to the final clearing of dust. More than usual, this phase takes only a short time because the usual things that are being cleared on this point are smudges, fingerprints and other imperfections from the areas that were cleaned on the earlier phases.

If there is anything you want to change, just let us know. We are very flexible and we endeavour to follow your instructions in order provide a tailored and comprehensive cleaning service which you will love.

To give you full comfort, we bring all equipment we need and products that you choose, so you don’t have to think about it.