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Additional services

Our cleaning technicians clean carpets with the most advanced machinery which uses powerful hot water extraction system reaching the roots of the carpets and eliminating dirt, stains, and bacteria. This cleaning method is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfects, cleans and deodorizes the carpet fibers. It helps to protect your carpets and extend their life too.
We clean carpets in clients’ homes by our own operatives and we use our own equipment. You can book this service along with basic or general cleaning.

We use filtered hot water which removes chemical and mineral content from the water. That means no streaky windows, no environmentally-harmful chemicals and a brighter, longer-lasting clean. Depending on job and height, this type of window cleaning can be accomplished the use of a hand or a ladder. Most of our work is done from the ground.
Our professional window/facade cleaning services adds to the newlook of a buildings’ exterior. Cleaning
windows/facades of tall buildings is a sensitive job, which is efficiently performed by our highly skilled workforce.
Washing, protecting and polishing hard floor surfaces

Used for
  • tiles,
  • parquet,
  • granite,
  • marble,
  • laminate,
  • concrete,
  • ferroconcrete,
  • rubber...

This type of flooring is mostly used in various places such as shopping malls, production halls, warehouses, factories, etc.
Sometimes daily maintenance becomes insufficient over time, especially those are space where is a high fluctuation of people. In these cases, we are recommending machine washing with stronger chemicals and special felt to remove any dirt that settles over time.

After thoroughly washing, we can do
  • impregnation,
  • polishing or
  • crystallization

depending on the type of floor, purpose, and requirements.